Masjid Umar, Leicester, UK

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful - All praise is due solely to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
Peace and Blessings on our Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Ramadhan 2015 Events

Daily Seerah after Fajr by Moulana Muhammad Sindhi
Daily programme for ladies at 6:15pm at the new building of girls madressah
Daily Dars of Quran in Urdu after Asr by Moulana Dawood

Live timings to your mobile via My Mosque

We have also teamed up with My Mosque App to bring you daily Salaah Jamaat times to your iPhone, Android or Windows phone. The App is free to download and use. Select Masjid Umar from the list of Masaajid's in the App settings. Our thanks and Duaa's go out to the My Mosque App development team for providing this valuable service.

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